What to Wear

How many times have you asked yourself this question?

Btw, what about the below situations?

Wardrobe full of clothes, yet we find nothing to wear!

dress (2).png

End up wearing those same 5-10 pieces over and over again!


Think buying new things is the only way to get fresh looks!


Even while shopping, we get overwhelmed by the amount of options and don't really know what will suit us and the occassion

Last, even when we buy new clothes, we never end up wearing half of them (except in the trial room and our imaginations!

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Feels like Deja Vu?

You know what,

  • Life’s too short to wear same outfits every few days, or not feel awesome about what you are wearing!

  • Also, life’s again too short to spend 8 years of your life just worrying about what you should wear, what you should buy and still not feel confident about what you wear or own! That’s brutal!

We are not telling you to buy new things. What we are telling you is you need to start looking at your wardrobe differently, use it to the max, buy things that will really suit you and maximise your wardrobe.

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Okay Leimo, that's enough of pep talk. Can you tell me how can I solve this problem?
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Okay, okay. Sorry. We got carried away.
Rectangle 6 (1).png
What if we told you, we can create looks combining your wardrobe and shopping needs, for various occasions.
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So what you finally get is a lookbook containing looks for multiple occassions.
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Whether you are going to office, just stepping out with friends or going to a party, you just open your lookbook, go over to the occasion and choose a suggested look that you can instantly wear!
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Alright! But what is a look?
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Below are the details of what a look contains:
Shopping links suggestions to complete the look
Occasions it is suitable for
Note by stylist covering styling tips, how to carry the look better
Makeup and hairstyle suggestions
Items from your wardrobe
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Got it! How many items will be suggested for shopping?
Rectangle 6 (2).png
Glad you asked! We will ask you to fill a form.
Rectangle 6 (2).png
There, you can choose the percentage of wardrobe to be included (0% to 100%)​.
Rectangle 6 (3).png
  • 100% means entire outfit from your wardrobe.
  • 0% means entire outfit suggested as new items with shoppable links.
  • A number in between means a mix of wardrobe and shopping suggestions.
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One last point. All the things suggested for shopping will be within your mentioned budget.
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Lovely! Thanks a ton!
How can I book the service?
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Below are the three packages.
You can choose the best one that fits your need.
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1 Look

Champagne with Raspberries
Ideal for
  • Planning for a special day*.
  • Testing our service 😉
What it contains?
  • 2 outfit inspirations to shortlist one
  • Final look for the shortlisted outfit
  • 1-1 chat with stylist over whatsapp or email.

7 Looks

Beach Vacation
Ideal for
  • A work or vacation trip
  • Trying styled outfits over a week (just like that)
What it contains?
  • 12 outfit inspirations to shortlist 7
  • Lookbook containing 7 finalised looks
  • 1-1 chat with stylist over video call /whatsapp/email

30 Looks

Ideal for
  • Planning 1 month of outfit so you dont end up repeating every few days
  • Having a decent lookbook ready with looks for multiple occasions
What it contains?
  • Lookbook containing 30 finalised looks
  • 40 outfit inspirations to shortlist 30
  • 1-1 chat with stylist over video call /whatsapp/email