Personalised Style Guide

Don't know what colors, patterns will suit you?

Can't decide what to buy when you go for shopping?

Can't understand why something looks good the model but not as great on you?

Want to look more stylish but without losing your comfort and authenticity?

Get a styling guide, completely personalised for you!
Access it from your phone whenever you need : Whether you are getting ready, going for shopping, or just showing off your styling knowledge to your friends ;)
What all details will the guide have?

Glad you asked 😁 

The guide will have below details:

💁‍♀️👚👖 Wardrobe essentials that you should invest in
Color Theory for you
✅  Types of clothes, footwear, accessories that will look awesome on you
❌  Stuff you should avoid buying/wearing
🙍‍♀️ How to tackle your trouble spots or things that make you conscious?
💇💃 Bonus sections: Hairstyle suggestions, Influencers you can follow
🏃‍♀️ Quick styling tips if you are in hurry
🛍️ 3 looks suggestions with shopping links
👩👈 2 looks suggestions from your own wardrobe
And how does this work?
Below are the steps

Fill a form to help us create your basic style profile

Stylist will reach out to discuss few more details and shortlist some pieces from your wardrobe

Stylist creates the first draft of your guide and shares with you

Clarify your doubts in the guide and mention any other points you would like to be covered

Stylist makes the final changes and shares the final guide with you

Choose the most suitable package for you
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Personalised Style Guide

Princess Package

  • No Video Calls

  • 1-1 chat with stylist over whatsapp or email.


Personalised Style Guide 

Queen Package

  • 2 Video Calls with Stylist

  • 1-1 chats with stylist over whatsapp or email