Clothes aren't going to change the world

the women who wear them will


Wear your confidence everyday!

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Meet Leimo 

Your Virtual Personal Stylist and BFF*

*Best Fashion Friend

What will change in your life if you have a stylist?

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More Time

We spend 5+ years of our life deciding what to wear and buy

Let your stylist take care of your fashion needs so you can focus on things that matter


More Money

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Less Clutter

You not using half of your wardrobe, and all those things you buy in impulse only keep collecting dust.

Use your wardrobe to the maximum by getting new looks suggestions from what you own, and buy things that suit you so you end up wearing them

How many times you try many outfits and then finalise one, creating a mess of your wardrobe in the process.

Or does your mind get boggled with thousands of options for the same piece of clothing!

Stylist can help you cut through both the physical and digital clutter

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More Confidence

Know your style, what will look good on you and why?

Know the right makeup for you that looks natural yet uplifting

When you know you are looking awesome and just killing it today, confidence automatically kicks in!

We keep




at the core

Like a best friend, we put efforts to understand you, your likes/dislikes, your concerns and how you would like to feel at any given time!

All the services we offer keep this info close to the heart, so that what we offer you is unique and useful to you right away!

We know when you think of a stylist you think of a person who is behind the amazing looks of celebrities, but more than that you think that it costs a bomb!

We all are celebrities of our own lives, isn't it? So we all deserve to get expert advice guiding us to look our best everyday!


Our Services (All are Virtual)


(What to wear)

The a​ge old question we ask whenever we have to go anywhere!

Whether it be for a single day, planning for a trip or even your every-day outfits, we are here to help you rock your look everyday!

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Styling 101

No, it's not a course. It's a style guide completely customised for you.

The best one-time investment you can make to kickstart your styling journey.
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Available for all

Personalised Style Guide

- Don't know what patterns, colors will suit you?

- Can't decide what to buy when you are shopping?

- Want to look more stylish without losing your comfort and vibe?

Meet the stylists

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...and many more

Our stylists come from all walks of life : There are engineers, dentists, architect, marketing professionals, etc, but they all share two things in common : Their passion towards styling, and their belief in how their knowledge can be used to make women feel more confident in their own skin


Oh and btw, all of them are quirky, super-friendly and highly empathetic so you feel very comfortable and have fun while discussing your challenges with them. Basically they will be your BFF.


Customer Diaries


Customer Diaries


Basic Makeup Consultation

"For the first time, I did my own makeup at a wedding, and actually did it better than my friends who already knew how to do it :P

I had so many myths about doing makeup - That it makes you look fake and made-up, it's harmful to skin. But now I have realised that it's all about selecting the products that are right for you and knowing the right techniques! Natural makeup feels like giving a boost to your face, without losing your authenticity!

Also, my makeup buddy kept telling me really interesting facts and tips, which made the live makeup call really fun and informative.

I am definitely going to consult you guys for outfits and styling help as well

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